About The Bakers Box

I have been baking for over 10 years now. The passion bit when I went for a basic butter icing course and instantly realised that this is what I loved to do. Every cake is something new and different. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and ideas. I started baking from home for friends and family and very soon others started paying me for my creations.

Having children only fueled the fire as every birthday was a new opportunity to stretch my imagination. The challenges they presented me with were amazing and I rose to them each time. There is nothing better than the joy on a child’s face when they see this awesome cake that has been made especially for them. It extends to the parents as well and my best to date is when a dad came to collect a cake and literally jumped up and down with excitement at what I had presented to him.

My job is truly rewarding and I love going to work everyday.

When we relocated to Sunninghill, I realised that there was a great need for a baking supply shop and a shop where high quality, custom made cakes could be ordered. We opened in April 2013 in the Sunninghill Village Centre and have grown from strength to strength. We have the most amazing staff members, both with vast experience.

At the Bakers Box we are able to supply the most basic of cakes to custom made creations. We also pride ourselves in our savoury and sweet platters. We supply both the private sector and companies and corporates.